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Testimonial about Free Final Demand Letter and Tutorial

Free Final Demand Letter and Free Tutorial

When all other collection attempts fail, you have three choices: Let the matter (and your money) go, take it to court, or call us. Let’s face it – accounts receivable are not like fine wines or cheeses. They lose collection value at a rate of about 12% per month. So you have to do something – and fast!

A written Final Demand Letter is recommended by most courts, and required by a few, to file suit. So this is a good low cost option. A good letter can result in payment in as many as one third of all cases.

For best results, your demand letter should contain motivational factors but unless you have a crystal ball it’s hard to know which ones are going to tip the scale. Our sample letter contains several including one that is sure to get their attention – the IRS! Thanks to IRS Reg. S1.61-12 which addresses Debt Cancellation Income, you can take advantage of this very powerful combination of accounting principles and debtor psychology.

After you download and edit our sample letter for your specific past-due accounts receivable, learn how to leverage your results even further. Our tutorial will show you how to drastically increase your payment results by targeting alternative recipients. Further, by adding a delivery confirmation element to your process, you are creating legal intentions which most will want to avoid.

Learn how to create a custom five-part final demand letter for your company that fulfills legal requirements, sells the need to pay, and skyrockets your collection results!

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