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What’s Included

  • Collection Letter Series

    Download our guides and personalize each of five letter templates: Friendly, Final Demand, IRS Advantage™, Bad Check and Debtors Exam letters.

  • Phone Call Strategies

    Turn Debts into Dollars more efficiently. Make better collection calls. Guide includes Script Sheet and Negotiation Tactics you can use right away.

  • A/R & Bad Debt Analysis Tool

    Quick and simple way to measure and evaluate your accounts receivable department

  • Control, Manage, and PROFIT

    Learn little known methods to control costs and even PROFIT from slow paying customers.

  • Business Credit Solutions

    Innovative tips, tools and strategies to improve business operating cash flow and reduce bad-debts.

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Success Rate vs. Age of Invoice

Most businesses wait twice as long as they should, before turning accounts over for collection.

Don’t make this costly mistake! Every 30 days, the chance of collecting drops 12%.

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Debt Collection Expert

My name is Ben Ricci, a founding member of the Stevens & Ricci Commercial Collection Firm and a debt collection expert.

As a professional collector and independent legal forwarder with over 25 years of hands-on experience in this specialized field, I can help you sort through the confusing array of options that are available when searching for outside collection help including collection agencies, collection attorneys, small claims courts, agency demand letters, attorney demand letters and more.

By taking advantage of my expert knowledge, you won’t have to navigate this system alone. I’ve already made the mistakes and achieved the successes that are required to climb the steep learning curve so that you can recover the money you’re owed without delay. To date, I’ve recovered over $75 million for my commercial clients.


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