Case Study: Can Your Collection Agency Do This?

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Case Study 1: Can Your Collection Agency Perform These Services?
Client: Medical Device Manufacturer, MA
Debtor: Outpatient Surgery Center, CA
Amount owed: $85,583
Case Study Summary: Debtor was […]

Case Study: Cold Case Collected Thanks to Credit Bureau Reporting

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Cold Case Debt Collected
Client: Cement Supplier, AZ
Debtor: Soil Stabilization Contractor, CA
Amount owed: $20,568
Case Study Summary: A cement supplier placed an account with our firm […]

Case Study: Are Collection Agencies Dinosaurs?

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Are Collection Agencies Dinosaurs?
Client: Metal Wholesaler, VA
Debtor: Food Distributor, VA
Amount owed: $2,413
Case Study Summary: No dispute, client had signed credit application (no PG), Purchase […]