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Before Action Collection Letter Sample

Before Action Collection Letter Sample

Your Final Effort to Collect a Sum the Court Has Awarded You

You’ve sued your debtor, and the court has decided in your favor. But, disappointingly, that hasn’t made it any easier to collect the sum that’s owing. You’ve tried everything, to no avail. What should you do? Is there anything you can do? Or, should you simply give up, write it off, and tell yourself that you did the best you could.

There is indeed something you can do — and it can be remarkably effective: Serve your debtor with a Debtors Exam Order requiring them to appear before the court and present documentation for every asset they or their business owns. There are a few different ways to use this strategy, but they all involve the threat of placing your debtor in the unenviable position of having to reveal all their assets of every type, under oath, and submit to an examination of those assets by the court. This is not a comforting thought to your debtor.

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Key Components of the Debtors Exam Letter

Your Debtors Exam Letter is a Final Payment Letter that you send your debtor before filing a request for the court to examine that debtor’s corporate or individual assets. It’s a warning, as well as a final opportunity for the debtor to pay the monies due. This no-nonsense letter doesn’t mince words. It lays out the harsh realities your debtor can expect to face if the monies ordered by the court are not paid by a certain, specific date. And it does this in excruciating detail. The key components of this letter are listed below:

  • A detailed summary of the total amount due, with interest
  • A statement that you intend to turn the matter over to the court for enforcement
  • Verbiage informing the debtor that they will receive a subpoena to appear in court
  • A list of the financial assets they’ll be required to document when they appear
  • The date by which full payment must be received to avoid this Debtors Exam
  • A separate attachment listing all the documentation that the debtor will be required to produce under the subpoena

Create Your Debtors Exam Letter with Our Free Final Payment Letter Download

Our comprehensive tutorial provides everything you need to use this powerful strategy to influence your debtor to pay up in order to avoid the highly unpleasant alternative. The following items are included in this guide:

  • Instructions, explanations, and strategies for using the Debtors Exam Letter effectively
  • Corporate Debtors Exam Collection Letter & Document List
  • Individual Debtors Exam Collection Letter & Document List
  • Our highly effective Collection Letter Template, plus attachments, in MS Word.

Download this letter today if you need help collecting the monies awarded you by the court.

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