Early Payment Discount Tutorial & Worksheet

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Early Payment Discount Guide & SpreadsheetOur free early payment discount guide will walk you through how to use our custom spreadsheet to solve common and often crippling business issues. No matter the issue, our worksheet can help with the solution. Use our Early Payment Discount spreadsheet to calculate profits and various discount levels in solving the below issues.

ISSUE: Your company needs an influx of cash within the next few days beyond what is projected to be received from accounts receivable payments. Most of your larger dollar receivables are not expected for another 25-30 days.

SOLUTION: Accelerate cash receipts by negotiating a one-time early payment discount with one or more of your higher dollar receivables.

ISSUE: A customer with high dollar receivables is suddenly in trouble.

SOURCE OF INFORMATION: credit report/monitoring, newsfeed, sales rep, heard from competitor or supplier, direct communication with the customer, etc.

SOLUTION: Offer an early payment discount quickly to avoid bankruptcy or liquidation losses.

ISSUE: You’d like to control or lower the financial cost of carrying accounts receivable by generating time-value profits on select receivables.

SOLUTION: Offer early payment discounts proactively to select high dollar client receivables below the breakeven point. These profits help offset overall portfolio.

Download Our Guide & Spreadsheet to Start Using Early Payment Discount Solutions Today

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