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Case Study: Can Your Collection Agency Do This?

Case Study 1: Can Your Collection Agency Perform These Services?
Client: Medical Device Manufacturer, MA
Debtor: Outpatient Surgery Center, CA
Amount owed: $85,583
Case Study Summary: Debtor was an out of business LLC. Medical equipment was being used at the Doctor’s newly formed surgery center. There was no legal basis to collect on this claim as the client did […]

Case Study: Cold Case Collected Thanks to Credit Bureau Reporting

Cold Case Debt Collected
Client: Cement Supplier, AZ
Debtor: Soil Stabilization Contractor, CA
Amount owed: $20,568
Case Study Summary: A cement supplier placed an account with our firm for $20,568 against a soil stabilization company. The amount due wasn’t for the materials, they paid that. It was for sales tax which the debtor claimed should have been paid by […]

Case Study: Are Collection Agencies Dinosaurs?

Are Collection Agencies Dinosaurs?
Client: Metal Wholesaler, VA
Debtor: Food Distributor, VA
Amount owed: $2,413
Case Study Summary: No dispute, client had signed credit application (no PG), Purchase Order, and delivery ticket on file. Debtor simply ignored all client emails and did not return phone calls. First collection agency was ignored just the same. Debtor told them “we don’t […]