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Most debtors dread those consistent calls they get from collectors as they try to pressure them for money. Creditors also hate it when those who owe them dodge their calls. Whether you are debtor or creditor, and you reside in Arizona, consider getting help from the Arizona Collection Attorneys.

Collection Attorneys vs. Collection Agencies

Other than saving you time, hiring an experienced collection lawyer has many advantages over working with a collection agency, if you are a creditor. A collection attorney will outperform a collection agency every time. A lawyer has the knowledge, skills, and authority to utilize collection strategies that can’t be used by a collection agency. Most collection agencies will make calls to debtors, but they are often ignored. However, a collection lawyer gets direct and immediate access to debtors or their top affiliates.

In case a debtor gets legal counsel, the collection agency may be forced to stop all collection efforts, and that isn’t good business for a creditor. In contrast, a collection lawyer welcomes the situation and seeks out the debtor’s lawyer actively.

Read on to get to know more about collection attorneys and how they can help both the creditor and the debtor in managing the problem at hand.

What are the duties of a collection attorney?

An Arizona collection attorney will represent you when you’ve tried everything else to collect and this is now your last resort. The attorney assists you to come up with an aggressive strategy that will either result in immediate payment or lead to a meaningful payment arrangement. He or she will handle all the paperwork on your behalf and also represent you in court if necessary.

How do you know that you require a collection attorney?

There are some signs that you need to look out for if you are dealing with an over 90-day receivable so as to know if you might need a collection attorney.

  • Inability to repay your invoice at the agreed time
  • Frequent calls from other creditors in the same situation as you are in
  • Claims of product or service disputes that are not valid
  • Repeated phone calls and emails being ignored

You can also consider having a free or low-cost legal demand letter sent so that you can avoid debt collectors via a collection lawsuit filing.

On the other hand, if you need a repayment and the debtor isn’t cooperating, a debt collection lawyer will assist you to figure out the best solution to get the money back. If your invoice claim is being disputed, the attorney can help you decide what your legal basis for each part of the claim is and what to expect during the negotiation process.

How much will you pay when you hire a collection attorney in Arizona?

Most lawyers use a contingent rate as their fee to charge you. This means that there are no standard charges for their work. Some collection lawyers will charge an hourly rate while others base their fees on a contingency (you pay an agreed fee up front, and then your attorney will get a certain percentage of the money you get when the work is done). This means that the attorney doesn’t get paid if you don’t win. If your attorney charges you this way, you are on the creditor’s side, and you have more to gain. Be sure to discuss the charges with your attorney up front. You will get to agree on the fee that both of you are comfortable with.

What to expect when working with Arizona collection attorneys

As a creditor, a lawyer will assist you to come up with a plan that will help you get back all your money. If the matter ends up in court, the amount you get and the timeframe will depend on the ruling given by the judge. In case the debt can be settled outside of court, your attorney and the debtor will negotiate the terms.

In Arizona, the majority of collection cases are settled out of court, with only the about one in a hundred actually going all the way to trial. One of the reasons for this is that the debtor must retain counsel and incur the expenses of defending the case all the way through the process which can be quite expensive.

In both cases, the matter at hand must be resolved so that all the concerned sides don’t bother each other again. A collection attorney is the best defense, so if you feel you cannot handle a creditor or debtor all by yourself, a collection attorney will come in handy.