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Stevens & Ricci Testimonials

“Stevens & Ricci went beyond our expectations!” When they managed to recover a very high percentage of our money without – and this is very important – deteriorating the relationship with our customer (who after the fact has granted us a reference and is willing to working with us in the future). Definitely, their non-bullying approach and their fair costs differentiate them from any other collection firm we know.

“…Will definitely be using them in the future.” T&T Emergency Water Removal has used their services 2 times on collections and they are 2 for 2. They collected on BestWestern, who had no intention on paying, along with The City of Tucson, who did not want to accept financial responsibility on a property they owned. Without the services of Stevens & Ricci, Inc., we would have tied up personnel and resources in attempts to collect, and may still not have been paid. Their services are invaluable and we will definitely be using them in the future and recommend their services.

“Paid right away.” I mailed 25 collection letters based on the IRS Advantage Collection program – 15 paid right away without even a follow-up call. These were our most stubborn accounts given one last chance to pay.

“Stevens & Ricci’s letters had better results.” Our company has been using various Stevens & Ricci collection letters and we found them to be much more effective than the Transworld Systems pre-paid letters we were using. We actually stopped using the Transworld letters because Stevens & Ricci’s letters had better results including more money collected and fewer collection accounts needing to be placed. They’re easy to use and available on their website.

Sandra V., Credit Manager, Transport Logistics Company - Salt Lake City, UT

Stevens & Ricci Reviews

“Highly recommend your collection services.” We have used your firm, Stevens & Ricci, since mid to late 2008 after meeting you at the NACM Healthcare group meeting in Minneapolis, MN. We have placed five accounts with your firm, and of those two have been successfully collected, a third is in the process of being resolved, and the other two were long shots where we had little hope or expectation for successful resolution. Your rates are competitive with other industry firms, and I would highly recommend your services to other companies.

Mark R., MBA, CBF - Division Credit Manager, Medical Device Manufacturer - Fort Worth, TX

“By far the best we have ever used!” I don’t know what or how you do it but you do a great job for us. Stevens & Ricci provides our company a level of service we have not known previously in the collection arena. Your prices are fair, you get results and my customers don’t call and complain that we have ‘sicked thugs’ on them.
Over the years (we just celebrated our 53rd) we have used several companies for collection service, both local and multi-state companies. Your company is by far the best we have ever used. I send and will continue to send all my collections to your company. Keep up the good work.

“Exactly what I wanted in a collection attorney firm.” The information you provided on your blog really impressed me. It was the IRS post that initially led me to the blog, but the other posts on commercial debt collection really caught my interest.
Additionally, two of the other firms I contacted didn’t respond within 24 hours — if you’re doing business online you need to be prepared to respond in internet time. My other choices were local attorneys, but you and your firm seemed far more experienced. Obviously, I made a great choice. Thanks so much for all your great work.

Michelle D., President, Internet Marketing Firm - Miami, FL

Some More Words From Our Clients

“Stevens & Ricci does an amazing job!” Thank you so much for your great work. I didn’t think you guys would get this one. You are the only agency I’m using. I just don’t have much right now (thankfully). I had an agency call me the other day and asked what it would take for them to get our business, I told them “nothing” and that you guys were doing an amazing job and I would continue to use only you. Thanks again for a wonderful job.

“How successful your IRS collection technique has been.” Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how successful your IRS collection technique has been for me. I have used this technique and have gotten positive responses 4 out of 5 times. I usually send a copy of a W-9 form and highlight the cancellation of debt portion in order to show the account that this is for real. It has been a real gem for me on some of those hard accounts that just refuse to pay, until they think that I am informing the IRS of some unreported income. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

James O., Credit Manager, Graphic Arts Supplier - Camden, NJ

“At 81% recovery for us!” Our company has been using Stevens & Ricci Collections for over 5 years. We do not use any other agencies due to their recovery rate. They are currently at 81% recovery for us. They have a user friendly website for you to use to look at the current accounts that you have with them to see what is going on with them. They keep in contact with you also to keep you up to date with that status of the accounts. They always return calls and emails in a timely manner. With the new attorney driven process it has reduced our overall cost by collecting interest and fees from the debtor. I would highly recommend Stevens & Ricci, we will never use anyone else.

Jean S., Accounting Specialist, Metals Industry Distributor - Winchester, VA