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Stevens & Ricci is the foremost expert in Legal Debt Collection Services for commercial creditors. We are a firm with a nationwide network of attorneys and collection agents that provide a “one-stop shop” for difficult collections matters, with expertise in all 50 states. Should you ever need to escalate collections efforts against any customers, our firm provides a great deal of flexibility and expertise in how to collect each of these individual claims.

Because we are a hybrid firm that uses both traditional collection agents and in-house collection attorneys, we can escalate seamlessly as needed at any given time without losing momentum.

There is no risk to the client – our fee is based on a percentage of amounts collected with no hourly fees, contracts or retainers.

Our business model differs from the norm in that we use Collection Attorneys earlier and more often to both speed-up and maximize collections. We do this on a pure contingency – no advanced costs. There are about 1.1 million attorneys in the U.S. We use the 75 best nationwide.

On the more aggressive side, read about The IRS Advantage™. This breakthrough strategy is only available to Stevens & Ricci.

We use attorney collectors through our legal desk at no charge to you – no collection no fee. This unique approach recovers far more than mainstream collection agency processes. And not just invoice principal – we pursue collection fees and interest as well.

If you’re like most businesses, you have a past-due account every now and then that isn’t worth spending a lot of time on. The opportunity cost of your time could exceed the amount of the receivable. Using a collection agency can be expensive. With an average recovery rate of only 25-30%, you could be left with limited options such as a bad-debt write off or low probability lawsuit.

Using Collection Attorneys at the point of first contact is both effective and affordable. This service is available on a contingent basis (no collection, no fee).

Our office is not that of a normal collection agency. There’s always a better way, and the collection industry is no exception. When we began using local attorneys to strengthen our demands, we saw a 58% increase in client collections. The same can happen for you and your receivables.

Attorney Collections at Agency Rates: our process is professionally aggressive, effective and affordable. Guaranteed 100% contingent rates (no collection – no fee). Available in all 50 states and internationally.

View our rates at this page on our website: FEE SCHEDULE

I’d like to introduce to your company a more specialized approach to commercial debt collections combining both advanced agency processes and attorney involvement. Read more about our collection process on our FAQs page.

This approach has consistently yielded higher collections and shorter response times on both sides of the courthouse. Our in-house collections are offered on a contingent basis at normal agency rates. If up-front fees are needed on lawsuit files, they are quoted on a case-by-case basis. Filing fees are minimal as our attorneys make their money on the contingent percentage after collecting.

I understand the frustration that a collection problem can bring to your busy day. The stalls, excuses, and false promises. It’s a huge drain on your time and resources.

Learn how to control, manage, and even profit from your past-due accounts. Our collections are more than double the industry average. And, we pursue collection fees along with interest at 18% from the debtor which eliminates your cost in many cases.

Times have changed, and the collection industry is no exception. Today, debtors are practically IMMUNE to collection agency pressure. It just doesn’t work as well as it used to.

We step it up – with legal pressure early in the process. We use attorney collectors through our legal desk at no charge to you – no collection no fee.

Our goal is: To keep you out of the bad debt column, and maximize working capital. It’s that simple.

Collecting is NOT a science – UNLESS you’re Stevens & Ricci.