Commercial Collection Fee Schedule

All rates are contingent – no recovery, no fee. There are no hidden costs, fees, minimums or contracts.

You Set Your Own Collection Fee

You can save money by placing accounts earlier – at the first signs of trouble. Not only will the recovery rates be much higher and your collection fee lower, our chances of recovering fees and interest are much higher also. This drives your costs down and may result in the ultimate cost to you – zero!

20% fee – U.S. accounts > per $1,000 assigned up to 120 days from oldest invoice date

25% fee – U.S. accounts > per $1,000 assigned 121 – 180 days from oldest invoice date

30% fee – U.S. accounts > per $1,000 assigned 181 – 730 days from oldest invoice date

35% fee – Accounts less than $1,000 and accounts located outside of the U.S.

commercial collection fee schedule - stevens & ricci


Most businesses wait twice as long as they should before turning accounts over for collection. Don’t make this costly mistake! For every 30 days, the chances of collecting drop another 12%.

If you’re not sure about having us help you just yet, here are two NO COST options you can do right away:

  1. Send a strong Final Demand Letter from your company. We offer a sample Final Demand Letter template for you to download.
  2. Have us send a Legal Demand Letter to your past-due customer giving them 10 days to pay or face legal collection action.

Contact us if you have questions about our fee schedule.