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Commercial Debt Collection Services

About our commercial debt collection services. We collect on a contingent basis as per our fee schedule. If we don’t collect, there is no fee or cost whatsoever. Our fee only applies to money successfully collected. In many cases, we pass the collection fee along to the debtor resulting in a 100% remit to you – no cost. If we negotiate a payment plan, the interest rate is 18%, and this also will lower or eliminate any cost to you.

We do not collect outside judgments (only those filed by a Stevens & Ricci attorney), business loans, business sales, consumer accounts, medical accounts, personal loans or contract disputes. Although we can provide you with a referral and suggested strategy for any of these issues.

Legal Services

We act as a broker/forwarder for our clients providing case analysis, attorney selection, file management, and collection assistance both pre-and-post judgment. These value-added services have the following benefits:

Attorney Selection – very few law firms truly specialize in debt collection cases. And even fewer have the ability to view a file through the eyes of a seasoned credit analyst to maximize collection success. We carefully select one of our partner attorneys in your debtors jurisdiction for each of our individual client cases.

Technical Tip: It’s not uncommon for our attorneys to name a corporate defendant personally in a complaint as an aggressive tactic based on any number of factors in the file. We may also include one or more counts of fraud in the lawsuit if justifiable. The point is, these are the most aggressive attorneys who specialize in only legal debt collections – no boilerplate suit templates.

Note: Most of our existing legal cases started out going through a non-contingent collection process first, then over to legal as necessary and recommended.

See more About our Services Below. If you’re not sure whether to start at collections or legal, we can help you make that decision.

Case Analysis

Case Analysis – your chances of suing a debtor with a very low chance of collection is minimized as we have the highest level of screening and analysis and will not recommend legal action unless a file is suitworthy. You won’t be “throwing good money after bad money”.

Chance of Collection Minimized

Less chance of throwing away good money!

File Management

You won’t have to work directly with the attorney’s office. Our in-house legal coordinator will oversee your case to keep things moving forward and provide periodic updates. You always have someone at Stevens & Ricci to email or call with questions or to request an update.

Stevens & Ricci Legal Coordinators

Our in-house legal coordinators oversee your case start to finish!

Collection Expertise

We use our own skip tracers and asset investigators to assist the attorney in pursuing post-judgment assets for seizure. We can help you get started and recover your commercial business debt.

We can help you get started!

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Your Cost

We collect on a contingent basis as per our fee schedule. Court costs up front (quoted case by case per state) plus a contingent rate fee of 35%. Our fee only applies to money successfully collected.

Successful Debt Collection Services

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