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B2B Debt Collection AttorneysEvery business has to deal with collecting outstanding business debts at one time or another. However, collecting business debts is not easy and many businesses make the mistake of waiting for too long before they start doing something to collect outstanding debts. Stevens & Ricci Inc. provides B2B Debt Collection Attorneys on a contingency and a top-level service to collect your outstanding B2B debts.

Timing is the most important thing that matters when your business has outstanding account receivables. If you want to cut your losses and collect your debt, you need to be among the first ones to get there.

Reasons Why You Should Work With Us

We work on a contingent basis which means that we are not going to take any fees unless we are successful in collecting all or some of your debt. (See our fee schedule) In addition, we combine collection services with attorneys which means there is a 58% increase in the collection rate. Stevens & Ricci Inc. is a national collection firm that serves the entire country (USA) and International clients.

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There is absolutely no upfront fee and you are under no obligation to hire us.

Technology and laws have evolved a lot over the past few decades and the debtors today have access to a lot of information and are much savvier. Access to information and enactment of various laws has made it tough for creditors to collect their debts in all the industries. Therefore, it is time that creditors also change their ways and adopt a more aggressive and sophisticated way to collect their debts.

It is true that you can always file a lawsuit to collect your outstanding debts but lawsuits typically require upfront costs. Further, filing a lawsuit extends the time that is needed to collect the debt, there are fees involved, and there is always the chance of debtor filing own lawsuit.

This is the reason that we strive to act as mediators to resolve any kind of dispute. It has been our experience that early intervention by an attorney helps in preventing escalation of matters to lawsuits.

This does not mean that we shy away from filing lawsuits to get back the money. If there is no other way left to collect the debt, we do begin the legal proceedings for collecting the debt.

B2B Debt Collection Attorneys – Powerful Combination of Legal & Collections

It would be an understatement to say that many debtors do not take collection agents seriously. In such cases, your only option is to file a lawsuit by hiring the services of a litigation attorney. However, this takes a lot of time and money. We have combined legal and collection services in a single function that works in a synergistic manner to help prevent any lost opportunities.

What sets us apart from other debt collection services is that we always focus on preserving the relationship between the debtor and our clients. We understand that every business faces some problems and outstanding account receivables should not result in damaging the relationship. Our team of trained professionals is highly skilled in negotiating debt collection that not only helps in collecting the outstanding debt but also preserves the relationship.

Our professionals are always courteous and the threat of continuous collection effort in the future, followed by litigation (if needed), results in successful collection of the outstanding debt without harming the relationship. In fact, our way of working has the ability to turn potential losses into big future profits.

As far as the services provided by Stevens & Ricci, we offer business debt collections for wholesalers, manufacturers, service companies, and various other types of commercial accounts.

Some of the industries that we serve for Business Debt Recovery

Manufacturing, media and advertising, communications, insurance, transportation, fuel distribution, trucking, equipment sales, medical devices, software, technology, agriculture wholesale, employment industry, and other businesses.

As mentioned above, we work on a contingent basis. As far as the percentage fee is concerned, it depends on the amount as well as age of the claim. Click link near the top of this page to view our fee schedule.

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We can help you in collecting outstanding account receivables and associated fees.

It is important to keep in mind that the chances of recovering your business debt are much higher if you begin early. If you come to us at the first signs of trouble, it will not only improve your chances of recovering the debt but it will also keep your costs lower.

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