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Collecting Past Due Receivables using Florida Debt Collection Attorneys or a Florida Collection Agency

Whether you are considering using Florida Debt Collection Attorneys or a Florida Collection Agency to assist with collection of your receivables that are past due, we offer some suggested options and guidelines that may help in your efforts. At Stevens & Ricci, we offer both Florida debt collection attorney services and collection agency services. For your convenience, we have affiliate offices in Boca Raton, Clearwater, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Fort Walton Beach, Hollywood, Jacksonville, Largo, Miami, Naples, Orlando, Punta Gorda, Sanford, Sarasota, St Petersburg, Tallahassee, Tampa, West Palm Beach, Winter Park, and other cities in Florida. For any are we can send a local private investigator and one of our collectors or legal staff from one of our locations in Florida to identify assets at the debtor’s business location and help you get payments or paid in full quicker. You can find Florida Debt Collection Laws and Limitations here.

If you need help with business debt recovery in Florida please contact, the offices of Stevens & Ricci today at our (888) 722-1611, toll free number.

Florida Debt Collection Attorneys - Flag map of FloridaIf you are not satisfied with the performance of the typical Florida collection agency, consider using the corporate debt recovery services of the Stevens and Ricci firm. When you compare the results of collection attorneys who specialize in commercial debt collection to the efforts of a normal agency, you will be pleasantly surprised at the difference. Instead of having to wait months to see some of your money collected, our vast network of business collection attorneys generally provides results in less than 45 days. Our recovery rate of 72% also outperforms the typical agent’s lower 28% performance. Call our debt collection attorneys in the Fort Lauderdale or Miami, Florida area today for a consultation!

Our West Palm Beach, FL Collection Attorneys Provide Superior Results

When you consider the number of critical opportunities sometimes missed by a regular collection agency, it is not surprising our organization provides outstanding debt recovery results. Many collection agents simply make phone calls and give up quickly when there is no response. Compare that to the network of collection experts that we have at our disposal. We may start with a phone call, but we never stop there. If your debtor chooses to avoid our calls, our collection lawyers contact the private investigators that are part of the collection network to track down the debtor wherever they might be. Once they are found, the collection attorney steps back in to present the available options for repayment to the debtor.

Download Free Sample Collection Letters for Florida Business Debt Recovery

While we do everything possible to minimize our customer’s collection cost by sticking to a pre-litigation strategy, contact by an actual lawyer always results in better results than a phone call by a collection agent. By combining the efforts of both collection and legal experts, Stevens and Ricci takes full advantage of every opportunity to collect your debt.

Sample Debt Collection Letters for Florida Business Debt RecoveryFlorida Laws Don’t Always Protect the Commercial Creditor

If you’ve never been paid with a worthless check, consider yourself lucky. While anyone can make an honest mistake, sometimes it’s not that simple. It’s true that Florida is harsh in the criminal court on fraudulent check writing, but this doesn’t help you to collect your amount due. At the most, you can only charge 5% of the check amount to recover your collection costs. This hardly makes up for the inconvenience. When you use the Stevens and Ricci debt collection attorneys in Tampa and Winter Park, FL, this will never be a problem. We can assure you that all funds when collected are secured and then forwarded to your accounts payable department.

In Hollywood, Jacksonville, or Orlando FL, A Debt Collection Attorney Always Beats an Agency

It doesn’t matter where your headquarters are located, there is a Stevens and Ricci commercial debt recovery staffed team waiting to help you with your collection problems. In addition to saving time and money, we bring countless other advantages to your corner. Instead of giving up and moving on when your debtor hires their own legal counsel, our attorneys take advantage of this opportunity to advance the payment negotiation process. Because our network of business collection attorneys have privileges with the court that a collection agency does not have, we can petition the court and force the debtor to appear to disclose company financials and their complete financial portfolio. It will put an end to the payment excuses once and for all. Continue reading to discover additional ways that we can help you with Orlando, Florida business with commercial debt collection.

Business Sales in Miami, FL

If a business decides to liquidate, merge, sell, or file bankruptcy, the typical collection agent is at a loss. Their only option is to call their client to break the news that the debt is uncollectible. However, our debt collection attorneys can force both parties to hand over the buy/sell agreement. This contract often reveals that a set-aside provision or reserve allowance was made for unsecured creditors with open balances during the transaction. Only careful analysis by an experienced attorney will reveal this useful commercial debt collection tool.

Forbearance Agreements in Tampa, Florida

This is one of the most compassionate forms of corporate debt recovery that Stevens and Ricci can use. By using a forbearance agreement, we can help your customer stay in business and pay their debt to your company. Our collection lawyer works with the other creditors to prevent them from filing a suit against the debtor. This gives the debtor time to restructure their current debt load. In exchange, our client has escalated their payment position and avoided the need to go to court. In this win-win situation, many of our clients continue their relationship with the debtor and both sides ultimately benefit.

Florida Case Study – Florida Collection Attorneys

A few years ago, a Florida materials supplier was having a problem collecting a commercial debt from one of their customers. Although their customer, a soil stabilization company, had paid for the actual materials, they were refusing to pay the $25,000 worth of sales taxes. Their excuse was that the wording of the credit application and the invoices did not agree. Once the material supplier realized that they could not collect this debt on their own, they handed the case over to us.

Although our collection attorneys tried several approaches, this debt remained uncollected and went into the cold case file. It was reported to two different commercial credit bureaus according to standard procedures. Because the debtor had a fairly strong claim and a good defense, we felt it was best to move on.

Last year, the debtor called our offices to find out why we had placed the claim on their credit report. The person calling had no idea what the original dispute was about. When our commercial debt collection attorney returned their call, the debtor only requested proof that the sales tax was actually paid by the materials supplier. This was a very different request. At the time of the dispute, they wanted our client to forgive the sales tax as a discount and as a remedy for failing to fix a problem.

Once we supplied proof that the sales tax had in fact been paid, the debtor settled the account for $20,000 to clear their credit report. This six-year-old, cold-case account was settled because of the professional work provided by the debt collection attorney in the Stevens and Ricci collection network.

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