Business Debt Collection Attorneys Help You Recover Commercial Account Debts!

Business Debt Collection AttorneyNothing is more detrimental to your business’s success than not being paid for goods and services provided. You probably know that your company spends about 80 percent of its time going after the 20 percent of customers that are habitually late with their payments. If you need help you can count on a commercial business debt collection attorney at Stevens & Ricci.

Paying late is one thing, but if you have some accounts that are beyond a 180-day period, it is time to get a business debt collection attorney to help you recoup your monies owed.

We offer experienced debt collection help to businesses anywhere in the world that are owed money throughout the United States and Internationally. When it is time to get help, you can count on us to be professional but aggressive. We guarantee our work. If we do not collect, you do not pay.

58% Increase in Recovery of Funds or Assets with Attorney Assisted Collections

You should note that when you have attorney collectors, you will see about a 58 percent increase in recovered monies. You can view or fee schedule to find out how invaluable we are to your business.

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Why Should You Hire A Business Debt Collection Attorney?

Reasons why you should hire an attorney for your business debt collections versus a traditional collection agency? Basically, because lawyers in the debt collection field know all the rules, procedures, and regulations that legally are the most efficient in getting a customer’s attention and money. Our attorneys and collections team have a 72 percent recovery rate and it usually takes 45 days or less to get the money your business is owed.

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100% Contingent (No collections – No fees)

If an actual lawsuit is not involved you pay nothing up front, we work on a contingent basis and only collect fees after the settlement of payment. (See Stevens & Ricci Fee Schedule). There are never any upfront fees, unless a suit is filed in a court of law, which happens very seldom with our team of experts. Learn more about debt collection attorney fees.

Is it Time? How Do You Know You Need a Business Debt Collection Attorney?

It can be a challenge for any business of any size to manage late payments from valued clients and customers. It can break a relationship with your business customers.

  1. Proper communication and regular communication with a customer that is late on payments is the key to receiving a payment sometimes. Remember, most customers want to pay but may have had a hardship recently that makes it difficult. Reach out and communicate with them first.
  2. There are also clients who prefer to pay late. Or, these clients have too many of their own bills to juggle and yours is a bill they have yet to get around to paying.
  3. Finally, there are those clients that avoid paying anything as much as they can.

The first two types of late payers are the easiest to deal with. You can arrange for them to make partial payments if that helps. The last type, however, is really only helped with the firmness of an attorney who can issue legal documents that make it known you are not going to let them get away without making their payment.

Late-paying clients have found it easier to dodge their responsibilities with the help of call-blocking, e-mail blocking and more. In reaction to this, you need a collection agent that can get through to them in no uncertain terms.

Place your delinquent accounts with a business debt collection attorney.

Their collection solutions have more than kept up with the tricks habitual bill-dodgers play. Do not wait to hire a collection attorney because if you do, the debt may already be too old to legally collect.

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Gain the power of our team of collection specialists–paralegals, investigators, and specialty commercial debt attorneys working for your company. Call on Stevens & Ricci to help without delay. Remember, the sooner you start collection action, the more successful you are likely to be in getting paid what you are owed.