Miami Business Debt Collection AttorneyThere are so many reasons hiring a Miami business debt collection attorney can be the best option for your over-90 day business receivable. Moving past the fact your customers are ignoring their bills, the best thing you can do for your business when you have past due invoices and no luck getting payment from clients is to hire a collection attorney.

Being completely honest means admitting you’re not currently happy; no one blames you for being upset when considering hiring a debt collection attorney to assist with your commercial receivable collections. You’re a business owner with expenses to pay and work you’ve done for someone who isn’t paying you.

This can make you feel unimportant, undervalued, and as though your time and effort don’t matter. It’s all right to face the upset and feel overwhelmed with anger and frustration in this situation, but don’t let it consume you. Rather than spend any more time focusing on someone who doesn’t want to pay their invoices, focus on your business.

Let a Miami business debt collection attorney do the hard work for you. Hiring a collection attorney allows you to get back your time and your money. If you’re not convinced, check out a few of the best reasons to hire a debt collection attorney for your Miami-based receivable.

Legal Expertise

Nothing is better to have on your business team than the knowledge of a legal representative. They can tell you what’s against the law, what’s not, and what to expect from the law when a client isn’t paying their account. If you are forced to sue someone for nonpayment of their invoices, your attorney can do all the work for you. Their knowledge wins cases and makes your life much easier.


Take a look at the timeline of events when a client is sent an invoice. You performed work for them, and you sent them a bill when you had the time to sit down and calculate the cost. You put the bill in the mail along with a due date listed on the invoice, but you didn’t receive payment by the date on the invoice. Now you’re just annoyed. Maybe it was a simple oversight, and the client forgot to put a check in the mail or never saw the bill because it was misplaced internally or if email delivered got stuck in their spam filter.

You send a second invoice with a statement about how this is the second invoice, the original due date, and another due date. You hope the client sends a check, but none ever appears in the mail. Now you’re two invoices into this situation and you’ve received nothing. It’s time to send a final invoice. Most business owners focus on three and then they are done.

This invoice says it’s the final one you’re sending. It has a date, and it has a paragraph all about how you plan on hiring an attorney to handle this invoice if it’s not paid by the date listed. The due date comes and goes, and no check appears. Clearly, you’re not putting enough pressure on the customer to pay.

When you hire a collection attorney to do this work for you, the intimidation factor is high. Most people are terrified of attorneys simply because they have no concept of the law. They aren’t sure what’s legal and what’s not, and many people find it difficult to understand legal jargon.

The attorney sends a letter outlining their efforts to collect a debt to your customer, and the customer is terrified. They might wonder if they’ll be arrested, if their wages or bank account will be garnished, if their credit will drop, or if they will end up in court forced to pay even more money for a bill they should have already paid.

The fact that an attorney is writing to them or even calling their business is scary to many people, and they become much more likely to finally process and pay the amount they owe you.

When No Payment is Made

If your client is not intimidated enough to send payment when an attorney is involved, the attorney has several legal tools at his or her disposal. Your client might be willing to pay when your new collection attorney mentions taking the case to court for nonpayment can result in a property lien or bank account seizure.

It’s often the intimidation factor of doing business with a lawyer that makes people pay their bills. You might not understand immediately what a benefit this is to you, but you will when you get back both your time and the money owed to you by those who refuse to pay their bills. Don’t wait to call an attorney to handle your case.