Commercial Debt Recovery in Kansas – How it Works and How we can Help!

Whether you’re considering Kansas Collection Attorneys for Business Debt Recovery or a Kansas Collection Agency to help collect your past-due receivables, we’d like to offer guidelines and suggested options to help. Stevens & Ricci offers both collection agency and collection attorney services with affiliate offices in Kansas City, Leavenworth, Overland Park, Mission, Shawnee Mission, Topeka, Valley Center, and Wichita. We have the ability to dispatch local private investigators from our Kansas locations out to your debtor’s place of business to assist our collectors and/or legal personnel in identifying assets and making our presence felt in order to get you paid quickly.

Kansas Collection Attorneys Post - Flag map of KansasBusiness Collection Attorneys vs. Collection Agencies

An experienced business collection attorney will save your company much more than time when compared to a standard collection agency. In addition to outperforming a collection agent every single time, they also have the authority and the knowledge that simply isn’t available to a collection agent. A collection agency will normally get voice mail, but we can gain direct access to your debtor and his representatives. When a delinquent customer hires a legal team, the collection agency is stopped in their tracks. However, a collection lawyer will call on the opposing counsel to arrange a meeting for further negotiations. Continue reading through the next few sections to find out even more ways that a debt collection lawyer in Topeka, Kansas will always be better than a collection agency.

If your collection agency isn’t delivering the results that you would like to see for your Kansas City, Kansas business, it’s time to consider using a debt collection attorney instead. The corporate debt collection firm of Stevens and Ricci offers a 72% recovery rate that compares very favorably to the 28% rate that the normal collection agency offers. Our recovery system provides those results faster, too. In most cases, it only takes 30 to 45 days for the payments to begin coming in. If your business is located near Leavenworth, KS or Mission, KS, call our offices today to start the corporate debt collection process.

How Long Do You Have to Collect a Debt in Kansas?

If you don’t already know the answer to this question, you might be surprised. Depending on the type of contract, or if there even is one, the statute of limitations in Kansas runs out on corporate debt in three to five years. With this short timeframe, why would you ever waste more than a few days trying to collect a debt on your own or with a collection agency? Instead, take advantage of the most efficient corporate debt recovery process available by contracting with the business debt collection attorneys at Stevens and Ricci. We have offices located in several Kansas cities including Valley Center and Wichita.

Kansas Debt Collection Laws and Kansas Statute of Limitations on Debts

Oral Agreement: 3 years
Written Contract: 5 years
Promissory Note: 5 years
Open-ended Accounts: 3 years
Domestic Judgment: 5 years, renewable
Foreign Judgment: 5 years, renewable

Kansas State Bad Check Laws

Felony: >$500
Misdemeanor: <$500
Service Fees: $30

Civil Penalties: Triple the face amount of check, not to exceed the check amount by $500 or $100 whichever is greater, plus attorney’s fees and court costs plus amount of check.

Criminal Penalties: Up to $2,500 fine or up to one year in jail or both. Up to $5,000 fine or one to five years in jail or both.

Free Sample Collection Letter to use on a Kansas-based Business

Check writer has this many days from date of check’s bouncing to make it good: *14

*Include this in your formal NSF Demand Letter. See sample collection letter: Free Bad Check Letter and Free Tutorial

Kansas Wage Garnishment

Up to 25% of weekly disposable income

Disclaimer: the Kansas debt collection information provided above is for quick reference only, may not be 100% accurate or up to date with Kansas’s state laws for collecting debts, and is not intended to replace competent and thorough legal advice for collecting debts in Kansas on any particular situation. We make no express or implied warranty concerning any data contained on this page, and we assume no liability for its use.

Overland Park, Kansas Collection Agencies Always Succeed

The success of the Stevens and Ricci firm depends on never missing a critical opportunity, something that doesn’t always happen with a collection agency. The other guys will make a few phone calls, wait for a response, and give up when no one calls them back. Our collection attorneys, on the other hand, track down your debtor instead of waiting for the phone to ring. Our national support network includes attorneys in every state in addition to the best private investigators in the collection game. Although our services are strictly on the pre-litigation side of the fence, just a hint of a lawsuit is usually enough to make your debtor start paying. This is entirely due to the fact that a conversation with an actual attorney carries much more weight that a call from a collection agency. At Stevens and Ricci, our process combines collection and legal functions to make sure that no opportunity is missed.

Don’t miss your opportunity to use our firm for your commercial debt collection needs in Shawnee Mission, KS and Topeka, KS.

Pursuing Principals in Kansas City

A business collection attorney can often pierce the corporate veil to go after the individual behind the commercial debt. This is often necessary when individuals run up hefty bills in the name of the corporation before closing their doors without filing for bankruptcy. Without an individual name to go after, creditors are left in a bad place because they can’t pursue a failed corporate entity for repayment of a debt. A business collection lawyer can use the theory of liability to pursue the principal. Another strategy is to use the alter-ego theory. This works whenever a business owner has used a non-corporate account to pay for company expenses. We can argue that the corporation wasn’t legal and that the owner personally owes the debt.

Business Sales in Leavenworth, KS

In the case of a liquidation, merger, acquisition, or bankruptcy, most collection agencies do not know how to move forward to collect your debt. A corporate debt recovery attorney can put pressure on the owners or their legal team to supply a copy of the buy/sell agreement. After careful analysis, this legal document often reveals a set aside provision or a reserve allowance for unsecured creditors holding a balance during the transaction.

Wichita, Kansas Case Study

A few years ago, Stevens and Ricci received a call from a medical equipment manufacturer in the Wichita area. They had sold a large amount of medical supplies to a small hospital and surgery center. The debtor was a small startup in an established medical community where our client sold a large portion of their products. The facility was custom built for the debtor by the landlord after the lease was signed. About a year into their business, the surgery center closed down, and the property reverted back to the landlord. Before long, it was re-leased to a new medical tenant. At this time, the debtor owed our client about $46,000 in unsecured debt.

Because the state Medicare proceeds and other patient receivables were specifically earmarked for the secured creditors, our client felt they had no way to collect and turned to the Stevens and Ricci firm for help. We discovered that the debtor was in the process of collecting in the courtroom against several third parties. If he won, the award could pay off the majority, if not all, of his unsecured debt.

In order to recover our client’s commercial debt, we knew that we had to keep the other creditors from filing their own lawsuits against the debtor while the case was pending. If this happened, the debtor could simply file bankruptcy, and everyone would lose out. We drafted a forbearance agreement and convinced all parties, including the other creditors, to agree. By creating this type of collection plan, we were able to collect $35,000 to settle the account in full eighteen months later when the debtor collected their damages from the lawsuit. A collection agency would never have been able to pursue this corporate collection avenue.

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