Dallas Collection AttorneysThe term benefit isn’t one you typically match well with Dallas collection attorneys. Few business owners feel there is any benefit to hiring a collection attorney.

To hire a collection attorney means their clients aren’t paying their bills, and no business owner in Dallas wants to find their clients not paying their bills.

As a business owner, you rely on the payments your customers make to keep your business running. If they aren’t paying their invoices, you are losing money. You have employees to pay and expenses that aren’t going to go away because someone else isn’t paying their own invoices. It’s hurtful to you and your business when a customer doesn’t pay their suppliers.

This is where Dallas collection attorneys become beneficial. You might not see it now, but you will see how well they can help your business when you are put into this situation. There are several reasons to consider hiring a Dallas collection attorney when clients aren’t paying their vendors.

It Saves Time

When someone isn’t paying their bills; it’s time-consuming for the business owner. Depending on how you like to handle your late payments, you might spend several hours per week making phone calls and drafting invoices with late payment notices to send to customers.

You don’t have that kind of time considering you already spent a lot of time going through your accounts to create the first set of invoices that went out following the job you performed for a client. When you hire a debt collection attorney, you pass the baton to them and get your time back.

It’s no longer your job to spend all day focusing on debt collection. The attorney does this for you by drafting letters, handling phone calls, and making sure you get paid for the job you did. You get to focus on work, helping more customers and doing what you must do to run your own businesses. It’s what you went into business for, and collecting debts from your customers is not.

You Have Representation

For most people, the threat of legal action from a business is enough to get them to pay their bill. Those who are hoping you are bluffing in that department are usually so shaken when they receive a letter in the mail from an attorney they pay up right away. The few who continue to ignore your bills, your letters, and your calls aren’t going to pay no matter how much you harass them. You don’t have the time or the ability to take a case to court without a law degree and knowledge of how the law works, so hiring a debt collection attorney is going to provide you with a legal representative.

If the client doesn’t pay and you take them to court, you just sit back and wait to show up the day of the hearing, which is extremely rare in collection cases as most defendants either pay up or don’t show up at all which leads to a default judgment in your favor. In some instances, you don’t even need to show up for the hearing as your legal counsel handles this for you. You hand over the entire case and wait for a call telling you that your debt has been collected or that a lien or other judgment has been placed on the customer so you will eventually end up with the payment they owe you. You have the law working for you, and that’s always helpful in a situation like this one.

It’s Faster

You did what you could to collect debts from your customers. If you’re like many other business owners, you sent an original invoice. That one was followed up by a secondary invoice. That invoice probably followed with some phone calls and another invoice threatening to take legal action if payment is not received. Your client didn’t pay at all, and sending more letters probably won’t find you receiving money from the client.

When you hire a collection attorney, the job is done faster. You’ll probably have payment much faster than you would if you kept asking them to pay yourself. When a letter appears with the name of an attorney on the envelope, most people are terrified there is going to be some serious legal trouble in their future. This fear factor allows you to get paid faster.

The Fees

If you’re worried about the fees associated with hiring a debt collection attorney, you shouldn’t. Most collection attorneys charge you a fee for their services, but they allow you to only pay that fee when they win your case and you get the payment from the client – a contingent fee. In many instances, they’ll allow you to charge the customer the fee since they’re the reason you’re in need of an attorney in the first place. It’s entirely affordable, and it’s beneficial to your business to have your attorney on your side.