Collection Attorneys in Arizona help you with Commercial Debt Recovery and Collecting on Past Due Account Receivables!

Innovation and resulting productivity gains have affected nearly every aspect of life. Commercial debt collection should be no different. After all, the largest source and use of capital for businesses around the world is trade credit. Businesses with higher dollar claims are finding out that collection attorneys in Arizona are a better option than standard collection agency services.

Attorney-Assisted Collections - Collection Attorneys in Arizona - Commercial Debt RecoveryThe firm of Stevens & Ricci uses a combination of collection attorneys and commercial collectors working together to provide collection results from two to three times higher than average. Following is an actual case study of a collection account to demonstrate specifically how this process not only produces superior results, but cannot be replicated by agency collectors.

Missed Opportunities

Stevens & Ricci does things that collection agencies simply cannot do. Consider this recent example of an account that was collected for a medical equipment client of ours:

My client sold surgical equipment to a surgery center that closed their doors, all phone numbers disconnected. They were a corporation with no personal guarantee. One of the vendors listed on my client’s credit application assigned an account to their collection agency against the same debtor for disposables. They closed it out as uncollectible because they couldn’t reach anyone.

Look Under Every Rock

What did we do?  First, we called and interviewed the sales reps for both our client and the vendor company. We were given the name of a friend and associate of the debtor, an administrator of a large hospital group, who in turn gave us the name and phone number of the debtor’s private medical practice.

My collection attorney then spoke with the debtor directly and discovered that they were re-organizing under a new investor group and would soon re-emerge as a different entity.

We were able to convince the doctor to sign a Letter of Responsibility for our client’s equipment which was then paid for in full with interest by the new entity. It’s important to note that the debtor had no legal responsibility to pay for these invoices. The reason we got our client paid had more to do with investigative, negotiating and deal-making skills than collections.

Teamwork and Synergy

We use two people on each large balance account (over $10k) – a collection attorney, and an investigative collector. We can afford to spend up to ten man-hours per account whereas a collection agency is limited due to volume. The biggest reason for non-payment by collection agencies – missed opportunities.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have us represent you on your next large balance claim. We pursue debtors in all 50 states. Call Ben Ricci at 888-722-1611 for more information.

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